How To Obtain A Beautiful Southern Organic Lawn In 6 Easy Steps

ChoppedIf you live in the southeastern part of the South Eastern part of the United States, you know that taking care of lawn can be difficult if you don’t know what your doing. With a change of mindset and a little planning though, will be able to enjoy a beautiful, strong organic lawn in no time.

Organic lawns are not just treated with fertilizers 4 times a year, but your actually putting into place cultural habits to help nurture the life in the soil, then the soil can help nurture the grass. As mentioned earlier this takes a change of how you think about your lawn, time, effort, and money, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Consider the following 6 steps to get you to your new Southern organic garden:

1.    Make sure to thicken your lawn – Spread grass seed on your existing lawn in order to help it obtain that nice and lush green and weed free swath. Consider over seeding in the fall as that is the best time for this.

2.     Feed your lawn with compost – If you add compost to the soil you will be able to increase the soil’s organic matter content drastically. This will also help to improve the amount of water the soil retains as well.

3.    Water your lawn in a wise manner – We southerners know that in the summertime our lawn is where most of our water usage goes. By incorporating organic practices into your lawn, selecting the right kind of grass, and using compost liberally can help you use less water on your lawn in the long run.

4.    Cut your lawn high – According to the University of Maryland, mowing your lawn 3 inches high is just as effective if not more effective than applying herbicides to it, in order to prevent crabgrass from growing.

5.    Keep your grass clippings – When cutting your grass make sure to keep your grass clippings instead of disposing of them. The grass clippings add valuable organic nutrients and nitrogen to the soil which will help you have to fertilize your lawn less.

6.    Feed your lawn responsibly – True organic fertilizers will contain natural mineral sources from other plants and animals. Consider applying these types of fertilizers to your lawn instead of commercial type of fertilizers. Organic fertilizers will contain soil microorganisms that help break down the nutrients better, so that your lawn can easily take them up.

These simple steps will go a long way to help you obtain the perfect and the best organic lawn in the South East. Consider talking to your local landscape designer as he can help guide you through this process. Custom Landscaping and Designs provides all this and more if your looking for a great landscaper Greenville SC or landscape design Asheville NC area.

Find more information about organic lawn care here.

The Benefits Of Juicing With a Masticating Juicer

Masticating juicers are made so that they crush the vegetables and fruit to be able to extract fruit juice. There are many kinds of these, in fact it is important to experience a good comprehension of each, so you are guided using your purchase method. The three kinds of masticating juicers incorporate:

Upright juicer

Twin gear juicer

Individual gear juicer

As suggested by its name, the gear utilizes one auger to press the vegetables and fruits prior to juice is actually pressed out there. The twin gear however, has two gears, thus it can separate pulp coming from juice. The upright masticating juicer is similar to the gear functioning, however it is stated in a vertical rather than horizontal design, in order that it takes almost no space around the counter.

Merits of such juicers:

They operate with relatively sluggish speeds when compared to the centrifugal juicers, which means there is little oxygen penetration and consequently the fruit juice remains fresh for a long period of time besides being high in nutrition written content.

They may be physically difficult, hence can last for several years

With regards to juicing leafy produce, be it soft or perhaps green, they work best even where other juicers usually have failed.

They yield great juice, with almost no foam, and that means you will require little generate to feature a reasonable volume of juice.

In comparison to centrifugal juicers, they make a smaller amount noise. In the same manner, many of them are multi-purpose, meaning they’re able to also be utilized to make little one food, frozen goodies and enthusiast butters. They are also simple to clean.


Pitfalls of such juicers:

They may be slow in performance, and might not be convenient for an individual who is always out and about.

They may be heavy, and might not be effective when portability is an important consideration

In comparison to centrifugal juicers, they be more effective, and might not be proficient at juicing fruit.

Things to consider when selecting a Masticating Juicer:

The Juice:
This is crucial mainly because various juicers are prepared for different tasks. The only gear juicer as an example, is beneficial with veggie juices, but in terms of fruit drinks, the dual gear will be the most reasonable pick.

The amount of time that you are happy to consume in cleaning will also guide your investment. If going for one which has is it dishwasher safe parts, it is going to save lots of time in washing.

This can be a kitchen appliance, which has to go very far to ensure that one to have value for the spending. When purchasing, accept one which has a warranty of 5 a few years beyond.

The volume of space that you have around the counter determines the dimensions of juicer that you’ll buy. If your space is bound, choose a vertical masticating juicer, or sift through the size of various brands to discover one which will fit your space.

If there is need to slowly move the juicer from your home frequently, then you’ll need it engineered to be portable. Weight is a good indicator here, but if you do not choose to light types, locate a juicer which has a handle pertaining to convenience in carrying.

When determining the amount that you’ll spend, it is not just concerning the budget, though the seriousness which you’re taking juicing.

With your concepts planned, you my consider purchasing from the following list of ideal masticating juicers:

Omega VRT330

This juicer comes in another model which is the Omega VRT350HD which is not much different than the VRT330 other than the color of the juicer itself. It has one of the most powerful generators to facilitate the entire process of juicing. It’s a single stage induction sort of motor, though a wonderful 2-horsepower equal. With almost any produce that you consider pertaining to juicing, it is capable of making a maximum volume of nutrients in addition to besides, the idea features an automated wiping program.

Omega J8006 Healthy Eating Plan Center

This juicer is considered among the best masticating juicers given it brings out the driest pulp. It is also an easy task to clean, because it could be categorized into four is it dishwasher safe parts.

Overall, masticating juicers are extremely needed for your healthy needs. To discover among the best masticating juicers, on the other hand, you should understand what sort of various types work, and if you agree a great juicer.

If you would like more detailed juicer reviews before you make that next investment for your health or just want more information on juicing in general please visit