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Why Vitamin Supplements Are Essential For Your Dog Just like humans, it is important to give your dog pet vitamin supplements since it is not possible to have all the essential vitamins in any given dog food product. It is helpful noting that different dog species require varied nutritional needs at any given time. Even if your dog enjoys fresh food, you will still need to consider giving them vitamin supplements and other essential microelements. Older dogs mainly requires vitamin supplements because they do not have much appetite as compared to the time they were rapidly growing and they could be lacking certain vital nutrients. As a dog pet owner, it is crucial that you know the type of vitamin supplements that your dog needs. It also helps to know what each vitamin is for. For instance, the vitamin A is crucial for your dog’s skin as it protects it from flaking and itching.
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Another vital vitamin is the vitamin D which is fundamental for your dog’s healthy bone and teeth. Dog breeds such as Golden Retrievers who are highly susceptible to arthritis and hip problems will, perhaps, benefit significantly from taking a supplement containing vitamin D.
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Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant activities and helps eliminate dangerous radicals and unusual cells that could cause your dog to fall sick. Vitamin K is also necessary for the optimum performance of your dog’s clotting mechanisms. You also need to supplement for your dog’s vitamin B, which is essential for healthy muscle function, healthy skin and generation of enough blood. Vitamin C which is vital in managing your dog’s stress and improving its immunity. Moreover, vitamin supplements are packaged together with vital but rare mineral ions. Minerals play key roles in checking the body’s fluid balance. Some of these ions are calcium, magnesium, sodium (just a little) and potassium just like we as humans do. Notwithstanding the fact that you have to be careful not to have your cute dog to ingest too much mineral ions as this can cause serious health complications. These supplements are not only administered to your dogs as pills but can also be added to certain foods in their diets to ensure they are getting enough vitamins. It is also recommended that you provide your dog with raw food and more greens to ensure maximum vitamin intake. If you are not giving your dog vitamin supplements, he will develop skin complications, become weak, lose weight and fur as well, typical of vitamin A deficiency. Likewise, vitamin D deficiency is apparent when your dog begins to lose some of his muscle tones. If your dog experience some of these abnormalities, it is best to contact your dog specialist and seek guidance on how best you can deal with the situation. It is essential also that you pick top quality vitamin supplements. It is ideal to obtain vitamin supplements that are derived from natural food products.