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In Case of a Car Accident,Do This

Personal injury law handles cases involving personal injury or accidents,their remedies and the defenses thereof. It is called the law of tort. The fact that mishaps do happen a lot in life does not in any way reduce the pain that is felt when you are the victim of a personal injury or accident. In such circumstances,one may take certain steps to have their rights protected under law by instituting legal proceedings against the party that caused the harm.
It is important to remember that personal injury cases are not criminal cases. In a criminal suit,t the initiator of the case is the government while in a civil litigation,the party who initiates the law suit is the injured party.

Suppose you are involved in a Washington car accident caused by the careless or irresponsible driving of another person. In such a case,it is advisable that you call your Washington based accident attorney and consult him on how to start proceedings in relation to your case.

In personal injury cases,the party filing the lawsuit needs to show that the negligent,careless and irresponsible actions of another has resulted in some personal injury or that they have suffered harm in some way.
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Sometimes,an early settlement can be worked out between parties in a civil case,but the insurance company and lawyers are usually involved. This is also termed as negotiation,where parties agree that the aggrieved party should receive a certain amount of cash(in writing)and that neither should proceed with the case.
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You need to understand an important term called statute of limitations. This is a window period within which an aggrieved party is supposed to have filed their suit. State law creates the statutes of limitations,and it is important to note that the statute of limitations may be different from one state to another. These statutes also vary in accordance with the injury in question. In the state of Texas,for instance,the time limit to file a law suit is 2 years for personal injury and five years to file a sexual crime case.

Treatises written by erudite scholars of law and the decisions arrived at by courts deciding in civil cases are fundamentally the two main sources of law drawn upon when making judgments in similar cases

Every personal injury case needs a comprehensive understanding of the facts,court processes and the applicable law before it can be filed.

If a car accident happens to you in King county,you can choose to talk to a King county lawyer or a Washington car accident lawyer who can competently advise you on all the fine points of the case.