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New York City’s Residential Real Estate

The city with most people in the unites states is the city of New York. The estimated population at the end of the year 2016 was at 8.5 million people. The most highly populated area per square mile is the city of New York considering its high population. Residential real estate developers both small-scale and large-scale have set their eyes on the city of New York because of its clientele potential. Majority of these developers are youngsters with qualified skills in urban planning and architecture and as well as seasoned companies with vast experience in real estate development.

Establishing and erecting structures for the sole purpose of family occupancy is the primary objective of residential real estate in the city of New York. The residential real estate in New York City is characterized by land, erected structures as well as the surrounding natural features. The houses designated to be occupied by tenants or new home-owners can either be newly constructed or rehabilitated old buildings.

To be homeowner or a potential tenant is one’s choice that is guided by his or her tastes on being the former or the latter. With the rising demographics, finding a suitable property is not an easy task.
On everyone wishes list, is to be a homeowner to experience the American dream partially. It’s a very fantastic feeling when you finally get your dream house after searching for it. When you want to invest in residential real estate in new York city, it is important to consider what type of property you want to buy or rent. You can opt to buy or rent a single family house which is actually the most common type and also the cheapest kind or residential property. In New York City this is the most popular type of home that is bought by new home buyers who are thinking of starting their family. According to the laws of new York city, only one family unit can live in a single family residence type of housing because it isn’t designed to accommodate surplus family unit. The properties erected for single-family residence are separated from each other by a relatively small tract of land from each side of the property. The adjacent nearby dwellings do not share any wall when it comes to the building style of the single-family residences. Each occupant has their own separate ownership of their units though they are part of the whole block. The last, but not least type of residential real estate housing is the townhouse. The striking feature of the townhouse is that it is a two-storey house.

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